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“Images are becoming a bigger part of our world every day.  Our children use them on their mobiles, our advertising relies on them and social lives are full of them.  Just take a look at one of the numerous social web sites.  We send images to everyone.

This is because images are powerful, much more so than words.  If you see a powerpoint presentation of words you soon begin to tire, replace those words with images you begin to feel interested as the impact is greater. Front those images with the photographer who can talk through the process of how he turned the ordinary shot into an extraordinary one you can soon learn how the same can be achieved in the work place.  Be inspired.

I have run my own business in the UK for 18 years and essentially always worked for myself since the age of 17.  My professional career has been in coaching, expeditions, travel and photography.

Using my skill sets I can help your team.  Whether it is to enable you to identify your goals or facilitate a strategy, process using LegoSeriousPlay™, or simply to inspire with one of my talks and help individuals see what they are capable of, You will see a difference.”

LegoSeriousPlay™ is a tool I believe in.  I have been part of a team using LSP, used it with teams, and individuals and work with BigBlueStuff, LSP Partners, as an associate in facilitating LSP.  Visit either site to find out more or email Me at



Photos that inspire Mark right now.

Why does not matter.


Mark Gillett and Business

Photographer, Explorer, Adventurer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Coach, LegoSeriousPlay™ facilitator

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