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Mark has spent much of his life travelling.  Whilst living in the Middle East he built a reputation for expeditions to the desert, travelled throughout Asia and spent a fair amount of time in the Himalayas.

His primary love is for the diverse cultures around the world.  From the bedouin tribes of the Middle East to the people of the Amazonian rain forest or the mountain people of the Himalayas, all offer a unique insight into how our world works. 

“The art is patience and in engaging.  If you wish to come away from these experiences with mere photographs, then you can snap away.  The results may be pleasing but If you engage and give a piece of you, take your time, you will come away with images of a moment in time where you shared a piece of you and your world in exchange for a piece of theirs.  And with it a fist full of photographs for your portfolio.  You will never forget that experience!”

Mark has run numerous commercial trips to the deserts of Oman and more recently explored the Sinai whilst taking bereaved youths on hiking expeditions helping them to rediscover “stuff” after suffering loss or trauma.

In 2006 Mark trained for 6 months and then completed the Marathon des Sables; an event that is now the pinnacle of all endurance races.

Photographic Workshops allow you into Mark’s world of photography and travel.  Most of the destinations are those he has visited before and some are exploratory trips.  See the world as he does; a place of so much inspiration and good.  See what’s right with the world, not what’s wrong with it.


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